President's Message of Welcome

Welcome to this Presentation College Past Pupils' Website.

The story of this wonderful College is carried in the story of the many thousands of young women, across multiple generations, who have walked and even run through the halls of this much beloved place; and have called Presentation College Windsor "my school". Since 1873, the story of their lives, has joined those of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters to create a wonderful narrative of joy, tenacity, achievement and hope. It is the story of women of light, the bearers of the lamp for their times and for all times.

While the College closed at the end of 2020, that is not the end of the story for all of us who have been touched by our time as students at PCW. Each day we will continue to add to the richness of this story through the simple living of our lives, through the way our lives continue to bring into being the faith and values of this great school, by the way we all keep the 'lamp lit' for each other, and, for all those we meet.

The Past Pupil's Association will continue to encourage each of you to tell our story, to share it, to join it to those of others, and, in doing so ensure that the story of PCW is never forgotten, but grows and flourishes. We remain committed to providing you with opportunities to gather, to connect with each other and carry the traditions, heritage and legacy of the Presentation Sisters and PCW into the future.

Make sure you bookmark this website address so that you remain in touch with all that we have planned, and to access the latest information about the Association and the story of the College and its past students. We will continue to organise our annual events such as the Women of Windsor High Tea, reunions, milestone class events and encourage informal gatherings and other events, and, would love to see you at them.

If you are a past member of the Presentation College Student Community, please stay in touch. You can use the website to pass on your details, or to update them, and to add to our knowledge about past students and events if you can.

On behalf of the Executive I invite you to join us, to contribute your story, to write your chapter of the story of PCW, and most importantly to celebrate your involvement in this unique and beautiful story. I hope that your voice becomes one more that carries this story, our story, the story of wonderful women and the value of their lives into a world so in need of hearing just a tale.

Andree Moloney

President - Past Pupil's Association Committee 2020